Crystal and Patrick were such a joy to work with. After months and months of planning – from discussing all the details for the design plan to strategically picking the perfect decor elements for their ceremony and reception venues – the weather took a turn for the worse on their wedding day.

We had plan B and C options ready should the weather really be as nasty as expected. But deep down, we figured it would be like most other Eastern Sierra storms, where it would come in, rain and blow a bit, and then be on its way. Well … that was not the case for this one; we waited until the very last minute and then made the decision to move their ceremony. Crystal and Patrick’s main request was that we try to do the ceremony outside. So, we set up the ceremony on the back lawn at the reception venue, and moved the reception, which was supposed to be on the back lawn, inside.

Looking back, we know that it worked out the way it was destined to, even better than we could have imagined. We definitely had to do some last minute shuffling and coordinating with all their vendors. But as you will see from the photos, their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. And it truly was a magical day with all possible weather elements present. They saw rainbows, sun, wind, and even a little snow!

Photography by: Megan Gielow at Morning Wild Photography.

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