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Green Fox Events Twin Lakes CA WeddingNO STRESS ALLOWED experience.

Whether you want a crystal alpine lake to be your backdrop, or the top of a Sierra Nevada mountain, we can make sure you enjoy every moment and don’t have to worry about the details.

We know every service provider, hairdresser, florist, band, and rental company within a 300-mile radius. We know every venue too, and even the secret spots.

Green Fox Events & Guest Services can arrange every detail, down to your favors if you like. Or, if you’ve got it all handled, we can provide on-site management for the final week of your wedding, so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the company of your guests. Maybe you want to tackle it yourself but are looking for some local resources or advice. No problem.

Green Fox Events Wedding FavorsWe are also increasing our Wedding Prop Inventory so you don’t have to buy 30 Moroccan lanterns that you don’t know what to do with afterwards.

Besides taking care of you, we can also take care of your guests — arrange babysitters, organize group activities, facilitate a condo or luxury home rental, do their grocery shopping so it’s ready upon their arrival. We have the contacts, service providers and the skills to pull it all together for you. Take a look at our Concierge Services page for more information.

We produce eco-socio conscious events and use money wisely. Resourcefulness, creativity, and attention to detail are our strengths, and we use them to meet your every request, and exceed you and your guests’ expectations. Green Fox weddings are experiences … not just events.

Green Fox Events Wedding Vendors

We have yet to encounter two parties that are exactly the same. All of our clients are custom – so we do custom pricing for every wedding, event and private party. We work with all size budgets and can arrange to manage everything about your event or just be available to advise as needed. We offer a free half hour consultation to review your needs and our services. After the consultation, we will provide different scenarios custom for you, including pricing. Then, we will draft a service agreement that is very detailed. We edit it until everyone is completely comfortable with it. Sign it. And then we’re off…planning your dream wedding.