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Hi – welcome back!  Last blog we talked about the first 6 things to do after you get engaged.  So hopefully you have already started your planning and are well on your way to creating your “best day ever.”  Next are five favorite tips from Green Fox’s very own Cara Richards, who is our wedding planner extraordinaire!  Trained in Special Event Management at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cara has been planning weddings at Green Fox Events for 4 years.  She started here as a junior planner and is now one of our primary wedding planners.  We love her creativity, attention to detail and her appreciation for every wedding client.  Here she dishes some of her best advice.



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Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors to, “Tell me what I don’t know.”

You don’t plan weddings every day — but your vendors do. Your photographer will know when and where the light will be best for those amazing photos and your DJ will know which songs won’t kill the mood on the dance floor.  Ask them what you need to consider and ask about their favorite moments in a wedding. This is a good time for us to remind you that a good coordinator will walk you through all of these conversations (shameless plug!)


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Unique experiences are in!

If you do not feel like you are a “traditional kinda guy or gal” that is great — don’t feel pressured towards traditions that don’t mean anything to you. On the other hand, if you LOVE tradition — have at it. Traditions can be very fun and meaningful, but we encourage you to put your own unique touch on your event. We once had clients whose wedding ceremony consisted of all guests sitting in a circle then each person saying something about the couple. It was beautiful, touching and so meaningful for that couple.



Decide your top 3 (or so) must haves early on.

Decide what is important to each of you individually and as a couple. Identify your top priorities for your wedding (i.e delicious food, beautiful ambiance, venue, amazing flowers, guest experience, etc.) Remember that you are just starting out on your shared life and compromising will be a key element of planning.



Overall design and décor should stay true to who you are.

Now that there is widespead access to all these amazing blogs, magazines and social media sites (love Pinterest!) there are so many ideas out there to help in your overall design, but don’t get lost in all of that.   Remember to stay true what you naturally gravitate towards. Hone in on a couple of ideas that you like in each category (i.e. flowers, table designs, favors, attire, etc.) Pin your top 3 ideas: not your top 20! I always suggest that clients create one design board of their very favorite ideas then let your coordinator (wink, wink) help you implement this look into all of the details.



If you don’t have it in your budget to hire a full service coordinator, consider hiring someone at least for the week of the wedding.

It should be no surprise that it is always our recommendation that a bride and groom hire a wedding/event coordinator for their event. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and couples should understand that it can easily turn in to a full time job. A wedding planner will help reduce the stress during the planning process and ensure that the bride and groom (and family and friends) enjoy themselves and each other’s company the week and day of the wedding.

If your budget is tight or if you simply want to do most of the work yourself, we advise clients to at least hire someone for the final week of their wedding to ensure that all the details are taken care of (i.e. make sure that the bride’s train doesn’t get caught up on the natural elements, the caterer is starting on time, the photographer knows where to meet the bridal party, the seating arrangement is set-up per your request, your favors are set out and displayed the way you had envisioned, and the list goes on.)

If you decide to get some assistance from the beginning, make sure to ask your planner about all the ways he or she can save you money. Some planners can pass on their industry discounts to their clients. Whatever you chose — enjoy this magical time!

Thank you to to following photographers for the beautiful images used above: The Cookes Fine Photography, Minaret Photography, Josh Hejl, Jim Thornburg, Braedon Flynn.

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