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Owning a home that is 5 hours away or more from your primary residence can be quite stressful – Is it ok? Has a tree fallen on it? Has a pipe frozen? Has a bear broken in and eaten your porridge and fallen asleep in your bed?

We walk through your house once a week ensuring that none of the above has taken place. And if there are any areas of concern, you get a phone call immediately or our team will address it with TLC and complete follow-through.

We treat your home better than we treat our own.

We’ll make sure it is nice and cozy upon your arrival, and closed up tight behind you.

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If your home is a rental property, we’ll not only take care of your home but we’ll take care of the people inside it with our personalized concierge services.

We are happy to provide a list of references by both homeowners and service providers with whom we regularly work.

Our rates for this service start at $140 per month and are customized depending on how much attention you and your home would like.