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Q: Can’t I just do all this work myself?

A: Yes, you probably can. But you have to ask yourself: Do I have the time? Do I have the resources? Do I have the patience? Do I have the know-how to turn my dream experience into reality?

We do! And we do this stuff all the time, so not only do we create efficiencies, but we work with the local service providers all the time and they know what to expect from us, and we from them. Also, consider how much your time is worth. Let us spend the time and do the work for you.

Q: Why should I hire a local event or wedding planner or concierge?

A: See Question #1 above.

Also, we keep ourselves updated on all the local happenings. We know who has come and gone, and what capabilities reside here. We contribute greatly to our community and to its social and economic improvements, and by hiring us, so do you. Hear it straight from our vendors and past clients on our Media & Reviews page.  

Q: Why should I choose Mammoth Lakes for our event?

Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra offer some of the best skiing, snowboarding, winter sports, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and other year-round recreational activities that the U.S. has to offer. There is something for everyone. So before or after your event, you can enjoy any of these activities. Or incorporate them into your weekend.

Also, the people are nice. The four seasons here are so distinct and gorgeous. And generally speaking, lodging, venue, and service rates are lower than in Southern California or the Bay Area.

The drive here from anywhere is stunning.

Oh, and now we have daily flight service. And it’s a short and gorgeous flight.

Q: My chosen venue has a “coordinator.” Why should I hire another coordinator?

That’s a great question. Many venues have very competent people who can help you, or who provide “day of” coordination. They may also have events every single week, or a large group in-house on the same week as your event, so it is unsure how much attention they will be able to give you for the months and weeks preceding your wedding. Their responsibility is to ensure that your contract with them is fulfilled and that the venue and its staff are ready for your event. They may have limited time and resources to assist you before your event date.

If you think you will want help coordinating details along the way, with any work off of the venue, want objective recommendations and assistance with negotiations and contracts, want someone to call at any time, and if you are very particular about how your day flows and what exactly it looks like, then you may be happier with the assistance of a third-party coordinator. This may also be a budget-related decision. If the venue is providing day-of coordination at no extra charge, and if you have done all of the work yourself, then using them exclusively might be a wise decision. If they charge you extra for day-of coordination, then find out exactly what that includes. You may be better off paying a little bit more for a third party coordinator who can help you with off-venue decisions and work.

Q: Do you have a Preferred Vendor List?

A: No. For a few reasons:

  • If we did, we would constantly be changing it based on who has moved on, who is new, etc. We are constantly updating ourselves on all the talent that resides in the area, so our “list” would be a live document.
  • If you ask us for our recommendations, we would provide you with a personalized list of vendors who we think would be a good fit for you. Our recommendations would be based on what we know of you — your tastes, you personalities. You could easily Google “Wedding Photographer in the Eastern Sierra”… but if you ask us for our recommendations for YOU, then we would only recommend vendors who provide a great service, who are good to work with, and who we think would make YOU happy. We do not get referral fees from other like vendors (i.e.; photographers, florists, hair stylists, etc.), so if we recommend someone to you, it’s because we think they will provide the service YOU need.
  • We have been offered referral fees and money from other service providers to appear on our Preferred Vendor List. We don’t like that … so we don’t do it.
  • We are an objective third party. We work with all properties and vendors happily. We have nothing to gain by recommending someone to you … other than we think you will like them, and it’s in our best interest to make sure that your event is seamless, and that you are happy.

Q: Why should I choose Green Fox Events?

A: See Questions #1, 3, and 4 above.

Also … NO STRESS IS ALLOWED when working with us. We seek to over-deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations. We are always in a good mood (well, 99.9% of the time). We love what we do. We thoroughly enjoy the collaboration with our clients. We won’t give you any attitude. Hear it straight from our vendors and past clients on our Media & Reviews page.